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I walk down memory lane because I love running into youIMG_1523

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What’s the Deal with Spam?

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There’s a certain parasite that infects every blog, no matter how big or small, no matter how prolific or deserted: spam comments. Spam will find you when you’ve barely begun blogging, and if you abandon your blog, spam will still be around long after you’ve left. Like roaches in a New York apartment, it’s simply a nuisance that everyone has to tolerate.

But also like roaches, some blogs have a worse infestation problem than others, and there are steps you can take to keep spam from reproducing and overrunning your comment section. 

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8 Topics

In social media we were told to write 8 topics we might want to write about in social media these are mine.

1.What happened to Myspace

2.God and goddesses of social media


4.How are social networks beneficial to our everyday life

5.Whats the next whatever

6.The quest for universal constants

7.Consent is king

8.Social media experts and proverbial snake oil



Are social networking sites generally beneficial to our way of life?

As some of you may agree or disagree with this.I surely agree.My assignment today in social media was to pick a topic on social media.So I chose to talk about if social networks are beneficial to our way lives.How are they beneficial to us?In what ways are they helpful to us?etc….I strongly believe that a lot of the social networking sites helped to be able to communicate with people from all over the world such as family,friends,etc….So how do they benefit us in our way of life?