12 year old girl Rebecca Sedwick commits suicide.

Who’s to blame for Rebecca Sedwick death?

In my opinion it was the 14 and the 12yr old fault in why Rebecca Sedwick plunged herself to her death.

What percentage ?

I think that the girls are to blame 100% because they are the ones that tormented her to the point where she committed suicide.

Could this happen in Miami-Dade or was it limited to that small region?

Absolutely this could happen in any part of the world whether the region be small of big.Bullying happens in everyday life.It doesn’t necessarily have to be a small region.In Miami Dade it is a pretty big region and if it was to happen in  a place like that people would defend themselves.

Could this happen in a big school?

Yes it can happen anywhere but in a big school it is more unlikely for a person to commit suicide but like i said it can happen anywhere.

Is physical violence worse than online violence?

In my opinion i think physical is worse because its actually happening to you where as online violence you can get away from but then again online violence leaves a mental scare.


Progress Log

Step 1: So far I have gone to Google to check the average rate that people go online to check their social blogs and you would be surprised how many people do that.

Next Social Media Article

My next social media project i wanted to know how much people rely on social media.How many people look constantly on their phones to see whats happening or to check if somebody on these social media sites are following them or messaged them.I want to know how many people cannot live without checking their social media site. They act like their life depends on it.Like why do you rely so much on it.

How to get twitter famous!

On July 15 2006 a social media network known as twitter was launched.With more than 500 million registered users it has become one of the ten most visited websites with more than 340 million tweets a day and has been described as ”the SMS of the internet.”As most people the question dropped on a daily basis on any social networking site is “How Do i become famous.”

Here am i to show you how to become twitter famous.

Step 1-Tweet like a famous blogger. Don’t post what you’re doing every second of the day.Example,Just ate a sandwich omg,just rolled over ha-ha.

Step 2-Be interesting.Make people laugh post things that are funny the more funnier the better.People want to read interesting things not a historical essay.

Step 3-Follow like a spammer.Once you’ve got your quality established, focus on quantity. Take the same approach that spammers do. In order to avoid actually looking like a spammer, though, make sure there’s never more than a 200 or 300 gap between who you’re following and who’s following you. 

step 4-Ask questions. One of the best ways to engage your followers and spark a dialogue is to ask questions. Keep the following tips and tricks in mind.Acknowledge answers. If you can’t respond to each answer individually because there are too many, at least send out a general thanks.

Step 5-Tweet often, but not too often. Every time you post an update, it shows up in the public timeline, exposing your profile to people who don’t know you yet. At the same time, tweeting too frequently can annoy your existing followers and make it difficult for them to respond. Stick to one topic at a time and leave some time in between updates for people to respond.

Step 6-Gather followers from other social networks. Use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. and ask your friends there to follow you on Twitter.

Step 7-Show your face. Users will feel more comfortable if your put your real profile picture. They will also be able to make a better personal connection with you.

Last but not least 

Step 8-Be original. Don’t steal or write anything anybody else has written or posted but don’t get re tweeting and stealing confused.

Now I have told you how to get famous from what i have seen and some of what i know.Now you can take this advice and use it but then again i am not twitter famous or anything famous.