12 year old girl Rebecca Sedwick commits suicide.

Who’s to blame for Rebecca Sedwick death?

In my opinion it was the 14 and the 12yr old fault in why Rebecca Sedwick plunged herself to her death.

What percentage ?

I think that the girls are to blame 100% because they are the ones that tormented her to the point where she committed suicide.

Could this happen in Miami-Dade or was it limited to that small region?

Absolutely this could happen in any part of the world whether the region be small of big.Bullying happens in everyday life.It doesn’t necessarily have to be a small region.In Miami Dade it is a pretty big region and if it was to happen in  a place like that people would defend themselves.

Could this happen in a big school?

Yes it can happen anywhere but in a big school it is more unlikely for a person to commit suicide but like i said it can happen anywhere.

Is physical violence worse than online violence?

In my opinion i think physical is worse because its actually happening to you where as online violence you can get away from but then again online violence leaves a mental scare.


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