Influence Of Social Media On Fashion                 

                        We are constantly being introduced to ‘what is trendy’, on a global scale!Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, popular Blogs and Pinterest are incessantly demonstrating the latest trends.The media influences fashion in the way they portray celebrities. It is no secret that people tend to follow what they see and as such, pictures and features of prominent people on TV and print media leads to more people adopting such styles. Hosting fashion shows on TV also has an effect on how people perceive fashion to be at any one time. People now get their beauty ideas from YouTube tutorials, Polyvore and other popular websites, where fashionable men and women share their fashion ideas, style tips and what they are wearing! Online tutorials help the youth population to learn a variety of styling techniques, like – makeup tricks, nail art, create tricky braids and outfit ideas for a night out. Social media allows us to become more style-savvy, and enables you to express yourself freely and to identify your personal style and create an exciting wardrobe.There is a number of hugely successful fashion, food, beauty and lifestyle related blogs and other content on the internet today, and the success lies primarily in the quality of their content, brand identity and relationship with their audience. While each is unique, they’ve built a cult following, around their areas of expertise and passion. Since everyone is going digital today, it allows you to stay connected to your friends and various celebrities by simply scrolling though your iPhones or Androids and finding out about all the seasons latest trends, chic restaurants and the beauty buzz with the click of a button.